Vishal Janjire – Heart Ailment

Vishal , a 13 year old boy from Ahmednagar, was suffering from INTRA CARDIAC REPAIR OF TOF (Tetralogy Of Fallots ). Vishal suffered from unusual symptoms - blue-tinged skin or a heart murmur — an abnormal whooshing sound caused by turbulent blood flow. Vishal was suffering from the illness from 5 years. His parents were unable to raise funds for his tests or treatment. His was a high risk medical case. Surgery is the only effective treatment for tetralogy of Fallot. Surgical options included intracardiac repair or a temporary procedure that uses a shunt.

Vishal’s treatment estimate was as high as INR 450,000/- The surgery was performed at SADHU VASWANI MISSION'S COMPLEX Special thanks to Mr. Rajeev Sakhardande for donation of around Rs. 50,000/- We also thank everyone, regardless of the amount contributed by them, as it has been a great help eventually As we have succeeded in this case, Vishal Janjire can now live a normal and a happy life.