Ashutosh Shastri

Ashutosh Shastri, he is 16 years old a small boy suffering from acute kidney rejection. He was admitted in Jupiter lifeline hospital ltd. He’s first kidney transplant got fail in January 2017 again he registered for kidney now his estimated expenditure will be 4,99,000/-(approximately).

Since 2012 he has been on dialysis for kidney failure. The ICU became his second home. In 2014, he had dengue. While we waited for the kidney to become available for him. Ashutosh got weaker and weaker day by day. He got depresses watching his friends are going to school and he was not able to go. His brother stayed home with him. Ashutosh could not help feeling imprisoned by his diseases.

Finally after a year we lost Santosh, Ashutosh got his kidney transplant, but the transplant didn’t turn out to be success. Ashutosh kidneys failed again. He became so weak. We were thinking that he won’t survive. He unable to lift his legs. Since then we had to spend almost Rs. 45,000 every month on his medicines and check-ups. We kept selling things we owned to pay the bills. Ashutosh stopped eating and started vomiting every hour. It only means that dialysis was not working. Now, every other day he is at hospital for 8 hours a day. Myself and abhishek are with him. Each session cost Rs. 2000, and medicinal cost Rs. 12000 per month. Ashutosh feeling guilty for being alive. The toughest moment was when Ashutosh said he does not want to live any more. We fight a lot because of this everyday.

As a single working mother, anupama (mother of Ashutosh) has been through the hardest times and has done everything for his son to keep him alive and also taking care of his second child too. She has absolutely has nothing to give for the help of Ashutosh to continue his dialysis process. She has nowhere left to go and she cannot save ashutosh without any support therefore we support Ashutosh for his all medicinal treatment.